Nissan (leaf)

I have been trying to make an app like this myself this summer without any success. I also tried leaf-connect and got this error: ERR_OSSL_EVP_UNSUPPORTED

It seems like it’s en error with the open ssl versions. The error started coming with node js 17 but have tried running the leaf-connect with node js 16.20 and got the same error.

I just started learning JavaScript so don’t know if it’s the right rabbit hole, but wanted to share it.

Same as me then, Looks like there is something fishy in the encrypt-password.js, but not 100% sure. But the strange thing is that when running it in homey the login seems to work since it actually can connect and login but when running leaf-connect directly, it Looks like it cant login.


But i don’t have the time to maintain this, sorry.

Did get the same error on your app as @cscheiene in an earlier post, but may just be me that has done something wrong, haven’t got much time to look at it yet. But got the leaf-connect library to work now. Thanks

Updated to 1.0.9, but still same error :thinking:

Hi all

I have an app working based on my own code. It’s in MVP stage and still needs some love. However it’s time consuming to code and test. If there’s interest I’ll see if I can find the time to finish it. I own a 2018 Leaf, so that’s what I’m testing with. Also I’m only working on a Homey Pro 2019.

Here’s a link to a small YouTube video as proof:

Again, let me know if this app has any interest still. As I’m short on spare time the progress is not gonna go fast as I have a full time job and a family to take care of. I could “buy” some extra spare time, but that would absolutely mean that I would have to ask for donations to complete it faster.

How can i install the app.
At this moment i use docker container with virtual device

I haven’t released a test version yet. Very close though. I just need to find a bit more time and currently I haven’t got a lot of it.

@Daxziz Very interested in this app. Please let us know when there is a test version available. Would donate for this app :blush:

Christmas is busy with family time and fun. Haven’t had a chance to work on a version yet.
Donations would mean that I can take a day off and work on the app, but until then I will work on it in my spare time :slight_smile:
I hope a test version could be ready end of January.

Sounds good, please let us know when there is a test version available on the app store or at github :blush: enjoy the holidays

Also very interested in this when you get the time to put it out there. Will it work with older leafs as well?

Did some changes to GitHub - maccyber/homey-nissan-leaf: Adds support for Nissan Leaf pre May 2019 in homey based on tips: Device: should be object (#/properties/settings/type) - #2 by robertklep

So new version 1.0.11 may work for you.
The weird thing is that it has worked for me all the time

Yes it works now, thank you!

The poll intervall. Does it just poll the nissan servers or does it force a poll from the car. Just thinking if a high poll might affect the 12v battery? And to change the poll intervall I have to remove and re-add the device?

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The app fetches a cached status from Nissan servers, minimizing any impact on your battery. However, potential issues may arise if you set the ‘poll interval’ too low, as Nissan servers can be slow and unstable. To mitigate this, I programmed the app to automatically retry up to three times until a successful connection is established.

Currently, the option to modify settings has not been incorporated into the app.

I haven’t explored this aspect yet, but it’s possible that adding a file with something like might do the magic:


    "id": "username",
    "type": "text",
    "label": { "en": "Username" },
    "value": "John Doe",
    "hint": { "en": "The name of the user." }
    "id": "password",
    "type": "password",
    "label": { "en": "Password" },
    "value": "Secret",
    "hint": { "en": "The password of the user." }
    "id": "pollInterval",
    "type": "number",
    "label": { "en": "Poll interval (seconds)" },
    "value": 240,
    "hint": { "en": "How often to poll for the status" }
    "id": "regionCode",
    "type": "dropdown",
    "value": "NE",
    "label": { "en": "Select your region" },
    "values": [
        "id": "NE",
        "label": { "en": "Europe" }
        "id": "NCI",
        "label": { "en": "Canada" }
        "id": "NNA",
        "label": { "en": "USA" }
        "id": "NMA",
        "label": { "en": "Australia" }
        "id": "NML",
        "label": { "en": "Japan" }

Don’t have the time to test it right now

Edit: Okey, did it anyways. Try with v1.0.13

Tried to publish it to the app store, so let’s see what happends.

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@Daxziz can you give us an update? I’m very interested in your app.

I haven’t had the time for further development. I still hope to finish it, but it’s low on my agenda as I need spare time to code and so far all holidays are filled with family stuff.

I would probably need about a work week to finish it.

Ok thanks for your response. we’ll have to be patient then.

@Jonas_Enge thanks for your work on the app. Confirmed that it’s also working on Nissan E-Nv200.

Any plans to add more flows? Start climate from flow and the ability to do a refresh of data from flow would be nice.

Wow nice! would love this app! Currently using a workaround with a MQTT integration, but a direct implementation would be nice! :+1::+1::+1::+1: