Nexa MTS-166/RF 868


Im quite new to homey, just got it for a few days ago.
But at the moment im stuck with my smoke detectors, i cant find any app for them, the nexa app only supports 433 mhz devices.
I’ve been searching online, and i know that you can get nexa bridge for them, to make them smart… but why not with homey?

The model name is like the topic says: Nexa MTS-166/RF 868 it also has its own central unit with it.

any suggestion to make this work?

It might be possible with Homey (after all, it has an 868Mhz tranceiver on board), but support has to be added by the app maker. In case of Nexa, that’s Athom. You can submit a device support request through this form.

Thanks for fast answere, i submited a request, so crossing my fingeres it will work.

I have 12 of them installed in the house so I hope it will resolve soon.

For those whom ends up in this thread searching for Nexa Z-wave equipment, you can use Everspring app for allmost all of your Nexa Z-wave equipment.