Add 433mhz Smoke detector without sonoff bridge

dear members, i have the following problem. I’ve been working with homey for some time now and that’s fine. however now i have bought smoke detectors on aliexpres that work at 433mhz. the seller tells me to pair it with a sonoff rf bridge. now i expect homey to take over but i don’t know how. downloaded sonoff all’s app on homey but i can’t figure it out. is there someone who can help me with that?

beste leden, ik heb het volgende probleem. ik werk nu enige tijd met homey en dat gaat prima. nu heb ik echter op aliexpres rook melders gekocht die werken op 433mhz. de verkoper zegt dat ik deze moet koppelen aan een sonoff rf bridge. nu verwacht ik dat homey dat over kan nemen maar ik zou niet weten hoe. heb de app van sonoff all gedownload op homey maar daar kom ik niet uit. is er toevalig iemand die mij daarbij kan helpen?

I don’t think any of the Sonoff apps supports this device. Even if you did buy the RF Bridge, the bridge is not supported with the original firmware by any of the current Sonoff apps.

So the only chance you have of getting this device supported is to have a developer implement specific support for it. Or, it may possibly work using a Broadlink RM Pro Plus.

i got only a brodlink mini so have to look for a solution or buy New smoke detectors