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New type of Homey account introduced

No really. It’s:

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I’m not sure why you think new accounts are introduced, but the feature you mention is in the beta IOS app. It mentions flows and that is really really useful. But not all devices have such a timeline, and/or a lot of the time it just says Fibaro. I guess it is when I set the dim level instead of turning it on. In that case I don’t see it is Google assistant activating a flow.

It’s not that Google and Alexa get their own accounts, as you can see my account did something using Google.

It was a bit of fun, I think Athom made a typo: a neighbour with guess access :upside_down_face:

So that is why they built two factor - they had a neighbour guess their password and are now building countermeasures! :joy: You can also yell hey google through the neighbour’s letterbox. That’ll be fun too.

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Yes! And yelling ‘hey google, turn off all the lights’ is too much fun.
I have ‘do not respond’ enabled while I’m trying to sleep, just in case :wink:

Really happy with this new feature.
For me the guess access actually applies. A light in the living room gets turned off by “Hue” while watching TV. I checked and checked and cannot find anything. Happens at different times, it feels like there is a link with the HUE PIR outside, but see nothing in the HUE app for the accessory.

Probably my kids are pranking me,