New line in push notification to mobile

Is it possible to send a push notification to a mobile with separate lines?
I want (using a virtual button) to receive the values of several variables on my mobile. For easy reading it would be handy that each variable starts on a new line.

Currently I get :
Variable1 20 variable2 100 variable3 True

It would be more readable if it was like this:
Variable1 20
variable2 100
variable3 True

yep, is possible. In Homey Flow’s ( just press Shift-Enter where you want to start a new line

Thanks, this works indeed.
Important remark: it ONLY is possible in (
I tried the webapp and the mobile app as well and didn’t get it working there

Found via Google:
Instead of sending \n to Telegram, you need to send %0A .
Maybe one of this examples is working?

Tried it in the mobile app. But nope, that doesn’t work.
Thanks for thinking along with me anyway

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Hi all

I am trying to figure out what you mean with ‘Homey Flow’s (’? I have the same wishes but searching homey app google direct me to Android and the mobile software I am useing and in here Enter is not visible. How do I

Klaus is just the URL for the flow editor in the web app:

Thank you Adrian


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