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How to send variable to mobile phone as message in gen 2 app


can anyone help with this flow issue?
Before the update I could send message stored in variable(varMessage) to a mobile phone as push message. Now in gen 2 app I only see this when I look at the Mobile send push notification card:


and it doesn’t work. If I write just some message it works no problem.

Error is:



Homey build in logic uses an ID now as identifier instead of the name for variables, making it possible to rename the variable without having to fix anything.

So untill tokens are implemented into text inputs natively (:soon:) it needs to be insterted manually.
To find the id of (all) a logic variable you can use this code in the developer tools’ playground:

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After you get the id for the token I still can’t get it to work.
It says Tags are not yet supported here. Is there a workaround for this yet?

Thanks. It works like a charm :grin: just replace variable with ID



The problem was that push notifications was broken in RC3.

Weird, never stopt working on both RC2 and RC3

I saw it here: Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.4.3)

I have rc3 and it works with ID…

Installed the new Testflite app Homey (Gen. 2) 0.17.0 (234) and now it works again

Indeed, now it is working again