Sending a pushmessage to a device directed by a tag

In a number of flows, I send a push message to a device. With a growing set of devices for family this becomes a challenge. I want to send to a device which is not fixed. Recently I had to run through all flows as I got a new device.

In the current setup of Homey, I can only send a pushmessage by selecting the device. How I can make this variable by for example using a tag?



I solved this by using Telegram app. All push messages is sent to my telegram bot and I have telegram on all devices. So if I get a new device, just install telegram. Works very good.

I solved it by using Homey’s built in logic (variables).
Now I only have to change one flow.



Nice one! …
I’ll stay with Telegram as i use this on a daily basis anyways.


The last one is indeed clever. Did not think of this solution.

Thanks guys!

You’ll have to keep in mind that if you push the same message Homey doesn’t trigger the first flow.

You could fix that by adding a timestamp

I already did. That leaves the edge case where the same message, in the same minute doesn’t send.
But I just accepted that. :wink:

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Sorry, ignore my post below. I was using ‘push notifications’ where I should use ‘Send Mobile Push message’

Hi… am I missing something? I send a pushmessage when someone is at the door, but only I receive it and my wife doesn’t. I checked all the settings in her app but can’t find any resolution.
(both on iPhone)