New Homey Pro doesn‘t allow connection to its Wlan and doesn‘t reset

My new homey pro does not allow to connect my iphone or ipad to its HomeySetup-B439EB Wlan. The Wlan shows up in the list but when selected does not connect (connection failed). When trying to start anew by turning the homey pro upside down, no countdown is started and now factory reset is possible. Do I have to send the device back to the vendor (defect)?

Try another powersupply with at least 2A.
If that works you should contact Athom about that and you’ll probably get a new one.
Save you a lot of shipping costs.

Scroll all the way down at this page, you’ll find a “Restart into recovery mode” button. Just wait a few minutes with this after Homey started up.

Afaik Iphones seem to want an acknowledgement if you connect to a wifi point which doesn’t have a connection to internet, like Homey in startup mode.
Isn’t there a “No internet? OK, but connect anyway” button or something popping up?
Otherwise, grab a device with a Firefox browser and proceed without the Iphone,
and follow procedure:

Dit heeft er nu niet direct mee te maken, maar wie weet:
Je wifi tijdelijk even ‘downtunen’ kan ook geen kwaad, Homey is vrij kieskeurig en snel van slag

If you have a mesh network, you should try to shutdown your mesh.
If you have 2.4 and 5 Ghz shut down your 5 Ghz.
And then try to connect.
After you’ve connected and configured your Homey you can startup your 5Ghz and if you’ve got it, your mesh system.
Then everything should work.