Nest Hello and Google Home hub or Mini

When someone pushes my Nest Hello doorbell I get a message on the Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini.

Two questions;

  1. The message “Someone is standing at my frontdoor” starts on the google home hub and a few seconds later on the Google home mini. In what way can this be at the exact same moment, or if it this is not possible only on the Google home hub

  2. I get the message “ Someone is standing at my front door” and my Google Home hub cast the video on the Google home hub. Is it somehow possible to use this as a trigger in a flow. The ‘nice’ persons at Google have not implemented pushing the doorbell as a trigger yet.

There is indeed no trigger"doorbell is pushed" avelable in the app.

What you can do, and how i did it… use the chime connector deliverd with the hello, and connect a relais to it ( make sure using the right relais, depending on wich voltage the hello is running 12 or 24 vac) then get a neo coolcam door sensor, brake out the “reed contact” and solder to wires on the empty spots. Then connect them to the “verbreek” contact of the relais.

Now you wil have a trigger for homey when the doorbell is pushed

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