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NEST and Away mode not detected

My NEST is telling me [on my android app] that I am away. Still this flow never gets triggered even though it is enabled.

What I have done:

  1. Installed NEST
  2. Installed NEST app + connected with it
  3. Created a NEST device in homey
  4. Created a new flow
  5. Added “Away status gewijzigd naar” “Thuis” (=name of my Nest location) + “Home”
    (6. I also created a flow that checks if I left the house)

Still the flow(s) never get activated.

I tried searching this on the forum, but no one seems to have reported this bug [yet]

So just curious…… you reported it then as a bug???

Check the app settings. You need to give Homey permission to control NEST.

Thank you. I think that got it fixed.

At 9:00AM NEST sees me leaving from home, but NO notification is send.
At 13:00 NEST goes in to ECO mode (=green leaf), a notification is send. :slight_smile:

So there is no bug!