In Homey v.2.x the Nest app doesn’t see the ECO mode in the experimental ‘devices’ tab. When I use a flow for example to leave home, it automatically sets Nest to Eco-mode, but in the ‘devices’ tab, it still shows the last used temperature (in orange, indicating it’s still heating). In the iPhone Nest-app it shows the great Eco-leaf, but the Homey devices still show the last temperature in orange. Anybody who has the same issue?

Hi Joep,

I have the same issue and reported this already. The NEST app should get a re-write based on API v6 (now API v3). Setting Home/Away status would also become available.

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Athom is working on this issue at this moment.

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Good news!

That would be wonderful! Thank you for the news!

But has not high priority😬