Neo coolcam wallplug not updating energy value after update

Just be calm
Marco is busy with it

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Oke thanks




I see new version of the app to V2.1.2 but still no update from energie.

It seems that version 2.1.3 has solved the problem

That would be nice.
It’s not in the App Store yet?

How do you know?

go to the app store and put test behind the link of the neo coolcam app
Or go to

It’s working again. I’m happy

It’s there Fred. Go for it!

I see app is in test, i wait

I did install he beta version.
It works fine again
:sunglasses: :ok_hand:t2:

Ok i do it tomorro in the afternoon

Yes yes yes it is working again, i,m happy.


Let us especially thank Marco Ruiter for this

@MarcoRuiter ^^

Yes thanks Marco Ruiter for the good work.

I have the latest version of homey and the neo app.
Now my plugs started working again, but I only get the report of how many volts.
See the screenshot:

How is that possible? Because it updates every minute, but the current stays zero when my lamp is turned on.


Is it a LED?
Because I experience only reporting above 5 watt or so