NEO Coolcam Power Plug - DSK Code

Hi there.
Just for information.
I have just installed a NEO power plug, and are in this process asked for 5 digits from a DSK that is NOT printed on the device.
I installed the plug as a “V1” with the 5 digits as “00000” - it turned automatic to a “V2” and everything is OK.


Thanks @Kurt_Lindholm !

Saved my day because I don’t rembember that it asked for a DSK a few month ago (both plugs purchased at the same time last feb, but 2nd only paired today).

Had the same yesterday with 1 of my plugs, just reset the plug, then it didn’t ask for it again…maybe 00000 would have been easier :+1:

I did reset the plug to factory settings multiple times but the pairing asked for DSK each time :frowning:

Is it something new with latest versions of homey ?

No clue, i had never seen it before either, and now added 10 “new” plugs and only one came up with this question

Same “issue” here. Just entered 00000 and it worked. It automatically switched to V2. Although the App got stuck in " Adding device. Please wait. ". After 10 minutes I closed the Homey App and restarted it. The wall plug is there and shows values.