Neo Coolcam PIR v2/v3 Blind time


I just cannot figure it out: How is the Neo Coolcam acting with the parameter: Detection Blind time ?

The PIR has a setting “Bewegings detectie blinde tijd”; with explanation:: “Period after detecting motion during which the sensor is insensitive to new motion.”
But even when this parameter is set to 1, the PIR stays in alarmfase for 30 seconds…(and yes, the value is saved correctly to the PIR by pushing the button 3x times quickly while saving)

The parameter “Bewegingsdetectie AAN tijd” is set to 5 seconds, but that paramters should not be used because it only effects group 2.

Am i forgetting something ?


Edit: Did some testing.
One PIR set to
1 second : it stays in alarm for 9 seconds.
2 seconds: it stays in alarm for 31 seconds.

Then i took another PIR and set to:
1 second : It stays in alarm for 20 seconds.
2 seconds: It stays in alarm for 31 seconds.

Conclusion: Unreliable ?