Neo Coolcam PIR V2 lux update

Hi. I have a PIR that dont update the lux value wery often. It can take up to an hour some time even though the settings says it schould be more often. I have tried different settings and wake up the PIR several times.The PIR is close to homey. This is my last settings in ppicture.

Is it the PIR or is it Homey than dont update the lux value more often, and do anyone have a solution to get updates more often?

Have you seen this post? Maybe your Problem is a result of the new hardware version.

I have no problems to connect, just the time between updates of values.

So you didn’t read the post, did you? Then I can’t help you, sorry… :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes i read the post and it describe problems to connect pir to Homey as far as i can see. I dont have that kind of problem. I dont get that message either. I have connected but my values does not updates as often as i like and as the settings are.

Maybe you meen the 106 replys? No, i have not read them :grinning:

No, there are several posts with „not updating the lux values“ and other values.
And there is a test version of the app.

After updating homey to v5 I have problems with all my v1 and v2 motion sensors, two of five times the motion alarm won’t turn off.

Ok, i have not found them with a solution

I have 4 v2 with app v2.1.6 and FW 5.0.0.rc-21 and I have no problems.
But it seems to happen again and again that the errors are not reproducible.

Since FW 5 I have several sensors with tamper alarm (Fibaro, Popp, Aeotec).

Which app version do you have installed?

Now when you mention it, my fibaro sensors had tamper alarm until today when I updated homey to rc21, no tamper alarm so far. But I can now se that both fibaro and Neo sensors sends motion alarm every now and then, without anything trigger them :frowning:

I have version 2.1.3

So maybe you can try the test version v2.1.8.

Contact Athoms Support.

Thanks, i will. Where do you find these beta versions? I cant se them in the ordinarie location?

Add “test” at the end of the URL.

@Mats_Nygren did you solve your issue?
I have the same problem
Lux reporting is bad, it can be between 5 min - 17 hours

No, unfortunately not. I skipped this item.

Did you buy something else to solve the Lux problem?