Negative value

I have a flow that triggers an outdoor plug to start my heater in my car. I want the heater to start at 6 o’clock if the temperature outside is below -5 degrees Celsius and start at 7 o’clock if the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius.
The flow only seems to work if I set the trigger value to a positive value, fore example below 5 degrees.

The time is 06:00
Logic → Temperature tag from my outdoor Sensative Comfort Strip is less than -5
Turn on outdoor plug

Just tested it on the new web gui and the mobile app, and it both work just fine if i use -5 (negative 5) in the logic “is lower then” condition card, as the temperature currently is -6 now here.

I think the problem is the latest version 5 beta that has caused me problems with flows using the When the time is function. I think that the firmware has been automatically updated around 06:00.

As Alpha tester I’ve been running pretty much every RC up until v5 was live yesterday, so that would mean it killed your existing flow with a update, probably not the last one, as there are no changes from the last RC to stable except for the version number, so at least 2 days of the same update won’t kill it.

How do I “downgrade” from the beta to the stable 5.0 release?

Currently there is no need to downgrade, experimental and stable are the exact same version now, just uncheck the “experimental” checkbox, then you will only receive stable updates afterwards.