Problem triggering flow in the morning


I have a flow that starts my AC when temperature becomes grater than 26.9degrees.
This flow works only between 8:30 and 18:00.

My problem is that sometimes the temperature is already grater than 26.9 at 8:30 and the flow is not triggered. If I start it manually , the AC starts, the temp goes to the desired level and then, when it reaches 26.9 again, the flow starts.

Any ideas?

— Temperature changed

— Temperature is higher than 26.9 °C
— Time is between 8:30 and 18:00

— Start AC

Instead of „Temperature changed“ you can also use a time card like „Every 5 minutes“. This card can lower the trigger rate of the flow. But how often the card „Temperature changed“ is triggered depends on the temperature device/app, the change of temperature and maybe on the settings of the temperature device/app.

The sensor is a netatmo weather station.
I tried this and it works ok.


Netatmo provides temperature values every 5 - 10 minutes (or something in between). So the „Temperature changed card“ will be ok.

the problem now is that the AC is beeping every few minutes because it’s “started” by the flow…
and there is no AND option for AC is off.

— Temperature is higher than 26.9 °C
— Time is between 8:30 and 18:00
— AC is off

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There is no OFF for AND

Use the top card and invert it

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Then you have the possibility to create a yes/no variable.
Let the flow set the variable to yes or no depending on the state of the AC.
You can then take the value of the variable as a condition.

I already have a yes/no variable but I didn’t know you can invert anything. I thought that if the inverted value is not available in the browser it doesn’t exist.

Thanks both!

The yes/no variable is used to turn off the AC automatically only if it’s started automatically. When the flow it’s started it creates a yes variable and when it’s stopped it sets that to no.
I do this because I want to have the option to turn on the AC and not be turned off by the automations.