Flow for setpoint airco

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently acquired a Homey and have already set up many advanced flows. There’s one particular flow I’d like to create with the following criteria:

I have multiple Mitsubishi air conditioners in my house, currently controlled by an IR sender operating on Tuya. I want to trigger them using raw commands, which I believe I can achieve. Now, what I really want to accomplish is as follows:

In the children’s rooms, we have air conditioners. I want to trigger them by controlling the blinds. When the blinds are closed after a certain time, it signifies that the children are going to sleep. At this point, the lighting should adjust to certain settings, and the air conditioner should also be activated.

Here’s where my challenge begins: depending on the season, I want the air conditioner to either heat or cool the room. However, I want to make this determination based on variable values, rather than a simple “winter” or “summer” classification.

In each room, there is also a temperature sensor, but it naturally affects the room’s temperature when the air conditioner is on. Since I control it via Tuya, I don’t have feedback from the air conditioner.

My idea is to use an average temperature over a specific time period to decide which mode the air conditioner should operate in. But how can I best calculate and use this value?

I want the following:

  1. Heat the air conditioner to 18 degrees if the room temperature is expected to drop too low in the children’s room.
  2. Turn off the air conditioner if the temperature is expected to stay between 18 and 22 degrees in the room.
  3. Cool the air conditioner to 22 degrees if the room temperature is expected to go above 22 degrees in the children’s rooms.

I don’t want to control the air conditioners solely based on indoor temperature, as that would lead to constant on and off cycles.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

This is a very general question. Do you expect somebody to provide a complete working flow? Then it looks like you need an IT consultant. :grin:
They are quite expensive.

I am looking for a logic that I can best use to determine whether the air conditioning should heat, cool, or remain off. I wonder how I can best achieve this and with which values.

I can make i working flow myself.

My experience is that temperature is not easy to automate. Maybe it is even impossible. Sometimes 21 degrees is warm, sometimes it is cold.
So I have switched of all temperature automation, and decide wether to put on some extra clothes or adjust the thermostaat. Also taking into account the energy costs.
That leads to a very simple algorithme: warm when it’s cooler then 15, cool when it’s warmer than 30. A small optimization is adjusting these temperatures per room.

I like the idea of your algorithm. The only flaw for me is that it takes a set temperature at 1 moment. I would like to use a more average temperature over let’s say 24h. In summer days there’s still some heat left in the room when maybe outside temp is colder than 15. Also on spring days when room temperature is 25 but the nights are cold, there is no need to let the Airco cool.

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