Heating with Airco

so i have a Mitsubishi Heavy Plit Airco and i have calculated that i can save €155 each year by heating my entire house with the airco instead of using the gas CV. and even more because it means i will create 2 zones in my house.
the airco and the thermostat are in the same large living room and i have multiple temp sensors in each other room. there are only on/off valves on the radiators in the other rooms.
i plan to turn off the radiators in my living room and heat the living room with the airco, if the other rooms get too cold i would set the thermostat to current+2degrees with a flow untill the rooms are warm. the living room would have the airco “on” when i am home on automatic function on ~20 degrees.
also have a central ventilation system which i have to calculate in, i could open a vent in the living room and suck the air out trough the ventilation system harder moving the warm air from my living room to the other rooms.
is this the best approach or does anyone have an example flow for me ?