Advanced flow for air to air heat pump


I think I’ll share this simple flow with the new advanced flow future and some background info of my use case for it.
I installed my heater earlier this year and needed a good way of controlling it based on price and temperature, unfortunately the price is a issue as you all know.

First I used Greenely app (I have Greenely) to check the prices but its totally useless, instead I ended up using Heating Controller and it works grate with price in SEK and correct price zone. (Remember to include VAT in the price and fees from your electricity supplier, Heating Controller only shows the spot price for the current hour) I then use the fantastic new app from @Mickel_Luiten a big shoutout to him for the Daikin-ONECTA app. And then I just use basic built in stuff like Logic.

This is the set up that I think works the best, if anyone have better setup please share. (I hope we can share advanced flow soon)

I hope you find it useful :smiley:


Thank you!!
I also have a Daikin with Onecta. I am SO stealing this!
I will also add the bathroom floor heating to the same flow.

/Magnus, Sweden

Nice, glad you liked it I have updated my flow see below.
Its now doing heating and cooling in same flow