Advanced flow Daikin heat pump

I have tried to set up a simple flow to control my Daikin heat pump but it doesnt seem to work the way I want.
I have a Phillips hue motion sensor that messuare the temperature in the livingroom. I would like the heat pump to turn on when the temprature is under 22C and turn off when the temprature is over 23C. At the night (23:00-05:30) i would like it to turn on when under 20 and off when over 21.
Could someone help me with that kind of andvaced flow?

I don’t know about Hue sensors specifically, but a lot of motion sensors that also measure temperature only send the temperature when they also detect motion, and the temperature that they send isn’t the ambient (room) temperature but the on-chip temperature, which isn’t very useful.

Don’t own a Hue indoor motion sensor, but the Hue outdoor motion sensor updates the temperature even without motion detection.

(Connected to Homey via Philips Hue, without a bridge app)

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The sensor updare quite frequently

This should work:

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