Hue Motion Sensor Advanced Flow Help

I confess, I am a complete newbie. I’m trying to create a flow that enables a Hue motion sensor only between 11pm and 6am each night. When motion is detected during those hours, multiple lights are turned on at 40%. The motion sensor is strategically placed at the top of the stairs, and lights leading downstairs are turned on. What is the best approach to take to accomplish this? Thank you.

Could you please share the flow you have? In order to make a quick start.

I figured out a method to do it. I woould share the flow online, but I’m do not know how to do that. I see nowhere on the web app to share a flow. I assume I am unable to share via the mobile app because it’s an advanced flow :frowning:

You could make a printscreen, or compare your flow with the one from @Wim_Post .