Hue sensor to control a socket by temp

I have set up the hue sensor in my basement wich has a wall oven connected to a hue plugg wall socket. And i tried to set a flow to turn it on if the temp got under 22 celsius, and to turn it off if it got over 22 celsius.when the sensor now shows 24 degrees it does not turn the oven off…

any ideas to why this happens? Or did i do something wrong with the flows?

Hi @Goggmeister ,
please check:

  • When went the Temperatur above 22°C? If it was before 6 am then your flow was not sufficient.
  • When was your Varmovn switched on or off in the last 24 hours? If by any reason it was switched on, while the Temperatur was above 22°C, it would not switch off.
  • The configuration of your Varmovn. In some cases the standard configuration is always on which would mean, you cannot switch it off, without changing the configuration.
    Just some ideas. If those do not give you an hint on the issue, you need to go further into details, if the flow was not activated or the APP to turn the Varmovn off does not act as expected.

And search for the vthermo app, it makes it lots easier for controlling heaters with a virtual thermostat.