Add airco as extra heating

Hello all,

So i’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, since my Airco’s (Daikin) connect to homey and my infloor heating/radiator heating is connected to Nest (which now also works in Homey, I wanted to see if there is a nice way to create a flow or something to add the airco as secondary heating. In each room in the house I also have Netatmo Home Coach devices that can read temperature and more per room.

The reason; to use less gas and the main heating not turning on for every time the temperature goes below 20 degrees and be able to get some extra heat only in the rooms necessary.

So for example;

  • During the day; Leave the main thermostat on 18 degrees celsius,
  • During the day (like between 8 and 22hrs at night), when the temperature is below 20, start the airco in that room to heat from the 18 upto 20 (so to cover the difference).
  • Stop airco heating when it’s above 21/22 degrees per room,
  • Stop airco heating when it’s after 22hrs at night

What do you all think about this? And how would you do it with flows? Would love to know more thoughts/ideas.

If you want to reduce on gas this will work. If you want to save money, think about it well…
See also this thread

Creating heat with electricity (airco) can turn out a lot more expensive then heating with gas….

  • make sure your airco has a good heatpump! (That is also efficient at low temperatures (SCOP))
  • check your gas and electricity prices (in the netherlands electricity price is linked to the gasprice)
  • heating a small extra room can be cheaper, but heating the main room could turn out much more expensive!

Hello, together with some help from other community members I managed to do what im thinking youre asking for.

If you need it i can share my flows with you. It works great but sometimes it still wants to turn off or on quite fast.

Make sure to keep in the prices in mind as mentioned above.

Yes please is if you want, that would rock :grinning:

Like this?

You need to adjust your and card to what works for you. ( here the central heating is set to 18. )

Kun je eventueel de flow sharen? Want een stuk valt weg volgens mij nu :grinning: Thanks.

This should be it.

You can change the values to suit your own heating needs.

For example: your central heating is set to 18c and the first flow is 2.8 it is going to heat up till its 21.5c ( than it turns itself off )

I measured what temp my ac needs to have to get the best results, every ac is different so make sure you fiddle with it a bit to your likings

( < 18c + 2.8 ) On
( > 18c + 3.5 ) Off So you have some margin and it wont turn on or off every 5 minutes.

Got ya, very cool thanks.
But where is the ingestelde temperatuur logic coming from? Is there another flow that sets that?

Your temperature changes every once in a while, for example: you are leaving your door open the temperature drops for like -0.1 that is enough to trigger the flows.

I used my tado thermostat for it. But you can use other devices that can measure temperature.

You can trigger it in many ways, for me this was the best setup. You can also use other flows to activate this one.

Heating is 18c ( set temp for the central heating ) + 2.8 = 20.8c ( so if the temperature is < 20.8 it starts the AC )
18c + 3.5 = 21.5 > turns ac off

The set temperature is logic is from the tado thermostat that is set to eg. 18c
But you can use any device that measures temperature. the first value ( set temp ) needs to come from your central heating, in my case tado. but you should be able to use any thermostat that works with your central heating and homey.

Does this info clear it up for u?

Yes, got it. I can use my Nest Thermostat for that which is in the living room, the Daikin Airco is about 5 meters away from it so lets see how this works :grinning: Thanks.

Cool, make sure u mark it as the solution to your question for the other community members to find.

good luck!

I was wondering if it is working for you. Is it?

And if you made some changes that would further optimise it you should definitely share!

It is kind of an hot item at the moment cause of the prices and stuff.

Kind regards

I actually tested if for a couple of days but decided to keep it simple and just use 19 degrees for the main thermostat and start the airco where we are sitting in that room when we want it warmer.