Airco with central heating

Hi everyone,

I just got started with homey and I have my first probably noob question.
I have a Daikin ac connected via ONECTA and central heating controllled via evohome. I want to use my ac for heating but it’s hanging above a radiator so it gets a wrong temp readout if that was used.
Is it possible to make that I can use something like a Aquara temp sensor as thermostat of the Daikin ac so that it has a real temperature readout instead of the internal one that has a wrong temperature.

I know it is as probably a real starter question but I really appreciate the help since I am real beginner.

Greets Sjoerd

Something like this (from an existing example, leave the floorheating out and replace towel heater with your AC)

It’s more that I want to use an external sensor as a temperature readout where the Daikin is listening to.
I can see i can set a temprature target. but nowhere which sensor to look at.
And since i also have a temprature readout from my honeywell thermostat i was hoping that i can use that one so that the ac unit has a good reference point since the internal sensor is completely @ the wrong place.
or is this something where i need to use advanced flows?

Yes, the trigger in my example are separate Aqara temperature sensors.

But you should be able to use Honeywell room temperature as trigger.
I made a standard flow example for you, only I have a tado thermostat instead.

It is possible with this Honeywell lyric app

But, it is NOT possible with this app

In that case I’ll suggest using external temperature sensors like Aqara