Car-heater flow

Winter is fortunately still a bit away, but wanted to have this working before it is actually needed.

Is it possible to create a flow that based on the outside temperature turns on a WallPlugg at different times?

Say that you always leave for work at 07:35 in the morning and want a warm car, but you don’t want to waste unnecessary energy on heating the car too long if it isn’t that cold outside. So if the outside temperature is between -5C and +2C it would perhaps be enough for the heater to be on for 30 minutes but if it is -15C it would need 65minutes to get the car warm.

How do I accomplish this in a flow?
Can it be done in one Flow or do I have to create multiple?

Either use an alarm-clock for the times or use a flow like:

WHEN time is 65minutes before leaving
AND outside-temp < -14
THEN switch on heater, switch off heater after 65 minutes

WHEN time is 30 minutes before leaving
AND outside-temp >-6 AND outside-temp <3
THEN switch on heater, switch off heater after 30 minutes

Dont forget to also define the temp range between -6~ -14 :wink:

Define the switch off 3 hours after start for all, you dont want to spent an hour heating up the car, finding it cooled down because you are 10 min late…
And I guess you will need to disconnect from your wallplug anyway before driving away… so that duration is not relevant.

Having multiple flows is not bad, It keeps you flows readable…
Put them tegether in a folder “car heater”

How do you set time to ”65 minutes before leaving”?

If you usually leave at 7am then 65 minutes before leaving would be 5:55am… It’s not that like magic Homey knows when I am about to leave.

:smile: I thought that maybe you had a clock on your Homey homescreen where you set the departure time. I have seen that solution in another smart home system.