[AI] instant one run flows / homey assistant

I’m using homey since 2 years now and a feature which I miss a lot is the ability to create an instant flow for only one run.

My example for this evening:
When {this temp device} reach 23*C → turn off {this heater}.

I think it must be a real interesting feature especially with Artificial Intelligence and we know they are now ready to use :grimacing:

I would love to say « hey homey, please turn off heater when temperature reach 23*C » or maybe hey siri ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Anthony_Alamartine ,
feel free to say whatever you want and how often you want :rofl: :joy: :rofl:.

I have no clue about siri echo or ‘hey google’ as I do not use them at all.

First idea to create a one-time flow at a certain time you can create be deactivating the flow after the last action.
To get the time by when action should be started as a parameter I guess you need two variables to be set, hour and minute of the start time. then calculate the minutes from now and use a timer like chronograph.
If you prefer tags, you could start the flow with a text tag ‘hh:mm’ in the 24h format and then you can extract the hour and minute the action should be started.

Currently I have no clue how you can keep the flow or device flexible. Maybe there is an app or someone can create one that can create a virtual device by the actual device name and move it to a zone. After the action all devices in this zone would be deleted.

The downside is that you can use the procedure only with one action at a time. If you use it while there is already one timer running you would destroy the running action or even start that device at an inappropriate time.

Just an idea and no AI needed

Siri and Google may understand commands as a whole, but probably not the parameters in the commands. So that is the first thing to investigate.

It looks like you want to program Homey flows by voice control :grin:.

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Yes it is a little bit like this, but it would be temporary flows, auto-deleted just after completion :wink:
The goal is to keep flow folder as clear as possible, not spammed with a billion of unused one shot flows.

My idea is a suggestion to dev team, I know AI is an really important target by now ! Maybe dev team want to be become leader in AI for domotics