How to send a command thru a Flow, to Google Assistant?


I have a question.

I have a Cecotec Smart Heater in my son’s bedroom. The app that it works on is on TUYA, but the heater is not supported on Homey, but it is on Google Home.

I have some Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity sensors, and i would like to trigger the Heater to turn on or off on X temperature.

I would like to know if is there any possibility to create a Flow that triggers when that X temperature is met, and send a commando to google assistant to turn ON the heater?

Thank you in advance.


That would be great, right?

  • Place your Homey next to a google home speaker
  • Make a Then-card to let homey speak. Let homey say: oke google, turn on the heater.
  • Done


Thank you for your reply but my homey is the version of 2018 i believe, that doesn´t have a speaker, so it doesn’t speak.

I has to be from a command on a flow i supose.

Than you

You can make a “tap to run” with Tuya mobile app where you define turning on your heater. With my Homey Tuya Cloud app you can use the card “Trigger a scene” and select the created ‘Tap to run’ action in the Then column.



Since 2019 Homey still speaks but no longer listens. Hmm. familiar pattern. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Really? I tought that it hadn’t. But i’ll try and give some feedback soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all the help.

Hey guys

Thank you it worked.

It seems that my homey has a speaker… Hahaha

I’ve created a flow with a Say phrase to order google to turn on or off the heater.

Thank you


It may suprise you, but your Homey also has a connector for connecting a wired speaker, the internal speaker will turn off, when a speaker plug is inserted.