Need to upgrade my home wifi

Hi everyone.
I’ve just realised (since I moved to a two floor house) that my home Wi-Fi doesn’t work well. I have really bad coverage upstairs (router is downstairs). Now I’m planning to install mesh Wi-Fi to optimise the coverage. My worries are however how everything will work with my homey pro (2019) and setting it up. I have read tons of posts here where people having all kinds of trouble with both Wi-Fi 6 and mesh.

I all ready had trouble setting it up to my current Wi-Fi for the first time, just the other day (@robertklep you know :wink:)

What should I keep in mind to make it work?

I have red about the troubles, but never about the cause of the troubles. When you install a WiFi repeater, meshed or not meshed, you (shall) make a transparant tcp/ip network. You can verify that by tcp/ip pings. Most simply done by 2 computers and the ping command. If Homey requires more, then it would be nice that Homey states clear network requirements. Maybe Homey wants to be on the same IP network as all the devices, for example all have an ip address like ? Any other requirements?

Thank you for your kind reply. But you see, this is where I get lost. I don’t know anything at all about all things “behind the scenes” when talking about Wi-Fi and such. Even less about what you described with making transparent tcp/ip network.
But if this is required, would you be so kind and explain to me how I accomplish this? As you would explain it to a child. :see_no_evil:

No, unfortunately I cannot. It depends to much upon which WiFi router you are currently using, which WiFi device you are going to use to extend the WiFi-range, which settings you are using, and what the network requirements your WiFi devices like sensors etc have. So you have to be an IT and network specialist to get it all working. However, nobody wants to tell you :wink:, promoting the idea it is all very simple.
However, ip networks are designed to offer transparant ip communication. So just give it try.
By the way, I use a Fritzbox 7590 router and a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E, configured as meshed network. I don’t have WiFi devices yet to connect to Homey. So far, I have no ip network problems.

Thank you once again for your detailed answer. I’ll manage it somehow. I think I’ll try a repeater or one more access point first, to expand the existing Wi-Fi network and not having to deal with the possibility of Homey not connecting to a new one.

Thank you once again!

Unifi UDR router, very easy to add wifi access points to and the user interface makes setting up wifi networks straightforward. I had Netbear mesh beforehand and it was giving trouble for more than just Homey. SO my unifi network has separated 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks, with their own SSIDs, makes keeping Homey online very simple

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Mesh here and identical SSID for 2,4 and 5 GHz WiFi networks. No problems, Homey connected to 5 GHz.

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I always had wifi problems until I bought my Asus XT8 set. Easy to setup and maintain, still lots of possibilities and very reliable and lightning fast.
Can really recommend it.

Thank you for the tip. I’ll look in to it :ok_hand:t3:

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FYI: Maybe disable wi-fi channel 11 to make some extra room for Zigbee if you use it.

Thank you for the tip.
And that wont damage my Wi-Fi coverage?

I’m no expert, and I think there are many factors involved (neighbours’ setup etc).
Only one way to find out :wink: .

I had trouble with my Zigbee (on channel 25). Then I disabled wi-fi channel 11 (on the 2,4GHz band) and reset the Zigbee network, which went from 25 to channel 20. Haven’t experienced any wi-fi issues thusfar, but I’m not a heavy user maybe.

Resetting Zigbee may involve some work, because you have to re-pair all Zigbee devices (Zigbee router devices first of course, and the Zigbee end devices last, check here: Homey Developer Tools). So imo best to do it earlier rather than later.

I live in a 3 story house. I have a WIFI 6 system with mesh nodes in every floor.
The “master node” is on floor 2, and so is my Homey - So the Zigbee network is also very reliable.

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Comparing the existing Homey Pro models – Homey Support
As he was asking about 2019, Homeys own support documentation states 2.4 not 5Ghz. Mine is a Homey 2019 and does NOT work on 5Ghz

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Hi. Tom here. I am using the netgear orbi router with 2 satellites. Every floor is covered perfectly. The satellites connect over a separate channel. So there are in fact 3 channels in the system. Not cheap but extremely reliable. Little downside is the long startup time. About 5 minutes before everything is connected. Check it out!

That is indeed a good setup.
I was able to connect the Asus XT8 nodes by a network cable (wired backbone). If this is possible too, you even got a better, faster and more reliable setup.

In the home pro you can see the channel used by zigbee. You should try to use a different one of you WiFi channel. As generally WiFi used the same on all hardware, you neighbour also, so to avoid perturbation,

You can reset the zigbee network on the home pro and it then select another channel / pity you can’t select it )

I have had extreme issues with tp-link deco… i had to turn off allmost all “smart” mesh wifi stuff and then I would get homey becomming unresponsive…

I took out all of the tp link stuff and changed it to kpn “superwifi” spots, that already helped a lot.

The new homey pro 2023 solved all my issues though, no wifi problems more whatsoever.

Same, also with two satellites. I also have their Outdoor Satellite RBS50Y, which unfortunately turned out not to be compatible with the wi-fi 6 meshnet. It only works in ‘extender mode’, not as a meshpoint.

Also, I hate Netgear trying to push you to buy their ‘Netgear Armor’ with nag screens every time you log in to the router :roll_eyes:.

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