Need for guidance to setup, Homey Pro 2023, ton of delay and instability,


I have been using my Homey Pro 2023 since april when I got it and has been expanding my setup ever since it seemed to be working okay to begin with after adding more the devices it has become very slow and inconsistence, not doing what you ask it for or with a huge delay, just switching on a light, using a physical button takes like 2-4 seconds.

My setup consist of mostly zigbee devices and a few wifi devices, as of now Homey handles around 35 zigbee which is probably the problem from what I can read online, I have a Hue bridge which is running around 30 devices.
More than half of my devices a routers and I have 4 Nous powerplugs place strategical around my house so range doesnt seem to be the issue, I have physical buttons in all rooms and thats my main way of controlling my house.
I use Aqara, temp, pir and door sensor and Ikea and Philips lights mostly.

So my quetion is how do I make a solid configuration and do I need to buy an addional hub or bridge?

35 zigbee devices should not be a problem, Homey can handle more.
Have you tried rebooting the Homey?
I read something about Ikea’s products not being so good, search for Ikea in this community forum.

What version on the Homey are you running?

Have same experience. New Homey Pro and Bridge, around 50pc of devices, mostly Aqara, Ikea Tardfri, netatmo. After adding all devices in (with zero or minimal flows) homey pro works like rollercoaster … ON/OFF hundred times per day. As new user is this worst experience … I have good wifi coverage (all mesh network with DECO units) and stable internet connection (starlink with fews disconnection per day but for max. 2s of disconnection state). I don’t know where i do some wrong or where is error …

I hope you mean the “homey is offline” message, instead of Homey switching on off?
The offline message is a long time bug, report it to support please.

When it’s real connection issues: