Nanoleaf App

Hi! I got somewhere issues with the app Nanoleaf, it doesn’t let me add my devices and just keep crashing at the stage where i should press them power button for 6 seconds, it finds my device but instantly crash with an error massage saying [object object].

I have tried reboot, reinstall and all I can think of and I still get the same issue and can’t add the devices.

Anyone run into this and got a fix? Or know where I can turn to developer for help

Did you try a “Pull the Plug” (PtP)?
Power off for about 15 minutes.
Then start Homey again and try to add after about 20 minutes.

Or if that doesn’t work, remove the app from Homey and reinstall the app again.

Hmm, PtP i haven’t tried yet, didn’t think that would solve the issue but nothing suprise me with Homey anymore so might as well try :joy:

The app I have reinstalled several times tho w/o success

Hi @Kaj_Rehnqvist,
I had the very same problem. It was not related to Homey or the App at all.
You most likely got a problem with your nanoleaf and you wifi router here.
This happens if your nanoleaf has problems connecting to your wifi router.
Make sure you have different SSIDs set up for 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz bands. Nanoleaf can only talk 2.4Ghz.

In my case I actually had to get a new wifi access point even. But that is another story. We found out that the nanoleaf would simply not be compatible for some reason.

Background: So the object object error you see, occurs when your nanoleaf device is connecting and discovered but the communication cannot be established.

Thank you! Even tho the problem will be hard to solve atleast i know the issue now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got crazy with that issue. Been testing and cussing two days straight until I found the root cause :smiley:

Managed to “solve” it, i setup a guest network and my router crashed, after booting up i could connect em as intended. Facepalm

hmm… your router might not be too healthy :smiley: