Namron 4512737/4512738 Thermostat not fully removed

Hi, the thermostat was not available from the homey Pro (Pre) and I tried to reconnect and restore without any success. Last try was to remove the device from the Homey and try to add it again.
The result is that the device is removed in the Homey but when I try to add device it connects to the network but not added as new device (cannot be seen).
I guess there is some binding still left in Homey that is not removed.
I also had a look at developer tools and the device cannot be seen there.

Anyone out there with any ideas how to solve this.

Hi Stefan,
please restart Homey. If this doesn’t work, please perform a PTP. After that, please try to add the thermostat again.
However, it would be interesting to know why the thermostat stopped working. Has a new app version been installed? Has a new Homey firmware version been installed? Have you changed anything in the setup? Was there a power failure? Etc…
You don’t provide much information.

Btw, there is a test version of the Namron app in the App Store available. This thermostat is also involved, but for some other reason. Changelog:

Version 2.2.91 — Fixes bug where 4512758/9 is set as Main meter, Adds flow cards for regulator mode 4512758/9, Adds working mode and Slats rotationg time settings for 4512748, Adds a set Mode Flow card for 4512737/8 and 4512744/45