Heatit Thermostat "already added", but does not show up in the app

I have added 2 Heat-it thermostats, but a third one does not add. It states that it is already added. It is possible that it has been removed without being in icl/removal mode. Any suggestions?

How, it does not show up anywhere

Just got homey today should integrate the new Heat IT ZTRM2FX added and removed several times but won’t work. I get a message that this is already added but won’t show under devices.

I’m suprised that athom is not adding any support to homey only by users…
I thought about changing from Fibaro to homey but if this is that many problems might be regret it…

Anyone found solution to this issue ?

Did you install the Heatit app?

Sure! Installed the app. Manege to add heatit z wave thermostat but won’t work for the newer version… heatit Ztrm2fx did u got this thermostat to work ?

I need to try short distance version.

I had the exact same issue yesterday when adding 2x Ztrm2fx. I had to factory reset the thermostats a couple of times (center + right button for 20 seconds) to get it to work. Factory reset removes the “already added” error.

Proximity of the Homey could be an issue, as it worked when I put it a bit closer.

Someone made a nice post for that. :wink:

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Indeed. I reset them both before trying to add the first time, but had to reset them 3-4 more times before it finally worked. :slight_smile: The thermostats said INC, but the Homey didn’t add them.

Hi, had two of them myself, struggled for ĂĄ week, before I sold them. No problem adding them, just be very close to Homey (min 30 cm).

The problem is connection issues afterwards, changed mine into MCO thermostats, works like a charm!

I maneged to add all of them but I need to hold homey right in front of the thermostat.

Now I got some flows to control my heating with a motion sensor because my thermostat don’t got room sensor measurement.