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My.athom.com & pi-hole

Not really Homey related, but I figured there are more Homey users using Pi-Hole than Pi-Hole users using Homey, so I thought I’d give it a try.

with pi-hole enabled, my.athom.com does not work. I don’t see anything blocked in pi-hole and I’ve whitelisted athom.com to be sure. I’ve googled it, without any luck.

All I get is this:


Any ideas?

I have Pi-Hole running and am able to login to my.athom.com
I do have the RC (Release Candidate), version 2, on my Homey.

All seem to be working.

I’m using pihole myself and have no issues with login into my.athom.com. So maybe the blocklist(s) you are using are a bit to restrictive?

I’m sure they are (restrictive) , I’m blocking over a million sites :laughing:

I’m not seeing anything being blocked by either my laptop or my Homey. If I disable pihole it works instantly (without a dns flush).