Homey no longer displayed in athom account

Hi all,

I have a problem accessing my homey via the app.
Apparently the connection to my homey is lost, as the app show me only two options (buy or setup homey).
I already tried to reestablish the connection via recovery mode (keep existing user). Unfortunately the app freezes while homey is restarting to exit the recovery mode and the problem persists afterwards.
The homey is also no longer displayed when logged in to my Athom.com Account on this site.

Accessing homey functions via light switch or other devices works fine.

I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks a lot


I have the same problems with Homey and I also need help, understand what’s wrong.
Yesterday rebooted Homey, Flows work, but Homey not in the account.

If you are sure you are logged in on the right (owner) account, then there is nothing we community can help you with, and you should contact athom support.