[Mar 10, 2024 - 20:04 CET] - My.homey.app does not work?


The homepage within the honey app does not work anymore. Also my Google can not connect to the homey anymore.

I can use all my devices within the homey app, so locally everything seems to work still.

Tried my.homey.app within the browser: does not connect. (Bad gateway when connected to wifi, blank screen when on G4)

Any problems with the homey site?

Thanks for the help.


Same here… App seems to work, but the webbrowser version doesn’t …


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Yes, It seems there is a problem on Athom servers

Flow are working but the app not, so if you need to use a device that has no other way to be used (phisical button, timer, sensor…) you cannot use.
This is one of the few things I really do not like in Homey system


Ans looks like it is fixed:


Except the status on https://status.homey.app/ also working again for me.

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