Alexa has lost all my Honey devices - something going on?

I’ve just lost all ability for Alexa to control any of my Homey devices
All show in the Alexa app as “Device Unresponsive”
Been working no issues up until around an hour ago

Homey is fine, can control via app

I think something is going on, at Athom server level?
I cannot reach my Homey from outside my own network (also not via 4G).
Just arrived home (21:00) and noticed that on my local network (wifi) everything is working fine.

Router functions with no errors.


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Okay, thanks.
That’s good to know that it’s not just me… Is there a way that we can notify Athom?

I was about to disconnect/Reconnect my Homey from Alexa but might hold off

It was planned maintenance.

Oh. Is there a way to be notified of such things?

I don’t think so, Athom tries to keep it quiet until stuff fails and people’s Homey’s stop working properly (like tonight)…

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Planned maintenance, but after restart:

Homey Connect

Resolved - The issue is resolved.
Nov 7, 20:54 CET

Monitoring - Due to massive load spikes Homeys might not be reachable from outside your Wi-Fi. We are monitoring the situation.
Nov 7, 20:30 CET

But everything is working fine for me again now, also on 4G.


So when i use 4g i go through a cloud that honey controls? I had hoped and thought that nothing was trough a cloud controlled by others

Yes. Besides that, the Homey app on your phone requires a working internet connection for authentication, so if the current session expires and your internet connection is not working, you won’t be able to access your (local) Homey.

Thanks for the reply. So what if honey goes bankrupt? Its over with the cloud function?

Then we’re all f*cked.

Guess local will still work?

Like I said, “the Homey app on your phone requires a working internet connection for authentication”. That’s because authentication relies on Athom’s cloud servers.

So we’re back at smarthings and fuck ups they do.
Are there any system at all besides knx that don’t need a cloud server controlled by others?

There are various open source solutions that don’t require an internet connection, like Home Assistant and iobroker.

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Since this none of my ZigBee devices are responding… Or at least none of my aqara devices are (one and the same for me)

Probably Unrelated but issue occurred at the same time. Any ideas?