Access Homey via 4G

I recently discovered that the homey app works fine when in the house. Bun when I’m walking outside my WiFi coverage the app says it has no connection to the Homey system?

I thought it is a cloud based system so I should be able to use the app outside my WiFi coverage?

It’s probably some specific issue of your connection, as Homey is indeed remotely accessible.

Open the app, go to More - Settings - General, check section Connection , it shoud show Cloud

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1 What Homey do you have, or is your Question about?
2 What Mobile App do you use,
3 What is the status of Homey - Settings and - Cloud My Homey ?
4 How did you verify that you Phone has internet connectivity?
5 What have you tried already?

Eh… in my app it says ‘local’ ? No way of changing that it seems.

It’s the Homey pro (2019), I use the iOS app, and all other connections on the phone are ok. Only the Honey program ain’t accessible via the cloud

That’s OK if that works, then your Homey is the fastest …
But what Says Cloud, just above that.

Ok, something shady going one here…

  1. The ‘cloud option’ was not visible in my settings.
  2. I went -from my phone- to the my homey web page. I had two options, start the Honey app or start the web layout . I choose the web layout
  3. Over there I saw ‘cloud connected’
  4. Then started the Homey app and suddenly the cloud option was visible in the menu
  5. Turned off WiFi and the app works as it should

So maybe the app automatically only is ‘local’. When I connected to the my homey page it ‘discovered’ that there was a hidden cloud world that it could access. And after that it ‘knows’ it is there and uses it.