Much offline, network error and flows not working

Hi there,

Since a couple of days my homey is a lot ‘offline’ when opening the app.
When I then try to start a flow it doesn’t work because of a network error.
I can’t couple anymore aqara zigbee devices and switching lights on/off with the app works 5 out of 10 clicks, rest is network error.

What I tried:

  • reinstalling the app (saw it in another thread)
  • PTP a lot (via procedure)
  • installing a new light bulb

Haven’t done anything else when this started, came out of the blue.

Any suggestions?

Maybe a bad powerplug, many people have good results by replacing it ( min. 2 Amps or more )

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Just tried this:

Added (with a lot of tries) an aqara motion sensor
Added neocoolcam sensor

Made 2 new flows… when sensor then turn on lights.

Aqara never works, zwave triggers flow instantly.

When I look in my devices tab, the aqara is triggers, only my flow won’t start