Homey loses connection with devices

Hi, about every week or two some of my devices lose connection with HOMEY and stop working. I can see the device in Developer tools and it looks to be online but is offline.

The devices:
Aquara Door and windows sensor
SONOFf SNZB-03 sensor

If I find this problem, I remove the device and add it again and everything works again like a charm next week or two.

How to solve it? How to find out that a device is offline.

Which Homey do you have? And did you already create a ticket with Athom?
I have the same issue (HP23) and created a ticket with Athom. The more people do this, the quicker they’ll notice it and come up with an update. In the meanwhile, try to troubleshoot with placement of your Homey. Perhaps you have much interference on the current location. Besides that, there are many topics about this issue, too.

Instead of deleting the device, try to repair it (Settings → Maintenance → Try repair). If it works, what it should, there is no need to repair flows.

Nevertheless, contact Athom support.

You can use this script + flow to check every x hours:


Do you happen to have Ikea Tradfri lights:

For Zigbee devices I’m using this script - A script to check sensor last update - #39 by Sharkys

The behavior you described above just happened to me after I replaced + changed position of two Zigbee routers and get rid of one router - I was expecting problems, during next 2 days (not immediately), I had to do maintenance of 6 Zigbee sensors - luckily script notified me automatically.

So don’t you have some Zigbee router / light for example, you are turning off from power ? Or have you recently changed any of your Zigbee routers ? Eg. plugs etc ?

And also as Peter mentioned, I had issues with Tradfri power socket…6 months ago I moved them to Zigbee2MQTT and Homey Zigbee network improved. So not only Ikea lights for me.

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Funny, while I also have an Ikea power socket, but that didn’t muted my Aqara’s. It probably depends on the batch and used firmware as well.

Also there should be a fix for the Aqara’s in recent Homey firmwares

Thanks to all. I think, my problem is not solved, but now i know what hapen…

I have IKEA BULBS too, but (in my opinion) I think the main problem is that the kids sometimes use the power switch (not the zigbee/Homey) to turn off the light bulbs. After that, aquara is no longer paired to another router. Is there any way to disable the bulbs from acting as a router?

The same problem is with motion sensors from SONOFF…

I recognize that problem, it happend with my door and windows sensor. First time the sensor was drowned by water. Later I had to remove and place back the sensor. Repair did not work. It happend some time ago, Athom support knew the problem but did not gave a solution.
Lately I have tried to place a router node close to that sensor. The easier route to the sensor was not picked up by the system.

If could be also routing path… for me I got issues, random one, with those, which were in close distance, possibly routed via, IKEA Tradfri. But it’s true there were some fixes so, who knows :wink:

Until now, I assumed that a zigbee device would always find a new path based on the router that was available. But unfortunately that’s not true…

By the way - ikea light bulbs appear to be online all the time, even when they are disconnected from the power supply.

Homey doesn’t “ping” Zigbee devices to see if they still respond, so it may take quite a while before it notices that a device has dropped out of the network.

yes I know that. The problem is that the aquara takes the ikea bulbs as a router, but these are offline.
The second thing is that for some reason both the aquara and SONOFF sensors disconnect, but they look like they are still online.

That’s not something Homey can fix. Aqara devices are known to “stick” to their router they initially paired with, if that router goes offline you need to repair the Aqara devices that were being routed through it.

My previous answer still applies: Homey doesn’t “ping” devices.

I think you should look at what channel the wifi and zigbee operate in and take into account how crowded the 2g wifi is with your neighbors. My experience with Aqara (Homey and Smartthings) is that it is very sensitive, both interference and self-healing . Because of that I have thrown out all Aqare devices. Hue on the other hand is stable as hell. When wifi and zigbee operate in the same frequency range, cheap zigbee will lose. Keep zigbee and wifi 2g channel as far apart as possible. I have zigbee controllers on channel 11, 15 and 25. And wifi 2g on channel 11 (25, hue). Everything works great. However, I only have two neighbors so the wifi is not crowded. Another experience with Aqara is that it does not communicate in “normal” standard (don’t know how to explain), so the best zigbee router to accept Aqara in the mesh is the Ikea plug.

Would purchasing the Homey Bridge help and use it as an extender?

Is the name “bridge” use by Homey unrelated to how we think of bridging two routers.

I don’t think the bridge will help the mesh regarding z-wave and zigbee. It just act as a regular router in the same way other powered devices does. On the other hand it a great extender for the 433 and IR. When it comes to the name «bridge», I would guess it more related to bridging local devices (z-wave, zigbee, 433) to the cloud. The main difference between pro and bridge is that pro compute locally and with bridge, everything is done in the cloud.

This the same for me. I am using Homey 2023 since april 2023 after leaving Fibaro HC3. The mean problems of Homey are reliability, reliability and reliability. I have spent many hours on reporting issues to Homey support. This resulted in a document of over 45 pages with bug reports. Most of them are still there.
The most important of them are no reaction to triggers when it should.

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Hi all,
my solution is for now this one… I bought a SONOFF door/Window senzor and now i added this to the system and i am etsting it. Look like the problem is solved :slight_smile:

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Hi boys and girls…
I want to use lot of bad words, but i will continue to speak corectly… The problem continues again. I changed all the Aquara devices (door/Windows), and now i have the window/door senzors from sonoff - The problem is here again. I am so angry with that!!! Now what devices i am using:

  • Sonoff: SNZB01; SNZB02; SNZB03,; SNZB04; ZBMINI
  • LIDL: Smart Plug with/out metering
  • IKEA: Bulbs (6pcs); Styrbar remote control
  • Aquara Motion sensor P1 (Works lke a charm)
  • Tuya cloud device (Works like a charm)

Thats all…

I love the homey system, BUT in this case is just useless…

Another chance to help me with this???

The last information, i use homey Pro early 2019

Instead of replacing the Aqara sensors, it was necessary to purchase HA Green + Conbee II dongle.
Transfer all Zigbee devices to Home Assistant and have peace of mind. You can add devices to HP2019 with HA via the great application Home Assistant Community
An additional advantage of having these two systems is the ability to integrate systems that are missing on Homey and vice versa.
Another thing is that many integrations on Homey work in the cloud, and in HA they work locally (Twinkly, Dyson,…)
Switchbot Hub can be integrated in Homey, but not in HA. So, as you can see, these systems complement each other very well.
2 weeks ago I moved all zigbee, Matter/Thread, Matter/wifi devices to HA and I have peace of mind. As the main system I use HP2023 to which I added HA devices via the application provided above.

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