How to reconnect devices without disrupting flows


Our visitors decided to ring our doorbell (aqara wireless remote switch) by holding it instead of pressing it. After holding its button for 5 seconds it resets and disconnects from homey.

After removing the device and adding it again, the flows that were using it were disfunctional and there was an error on the cards that related to that device.

Is there a way how to reinclude a device without disrupting the flows and automatically assing it to the original cards in the flows?

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Unfortunately not.

This is so unfortunate… I just had to reinclude vibration sensor because it stopped reporting to homey. I have 7 flows with this device, all of which now look like this:


After reincluding the device, the cards were not restored and I had to manually recreate them. I have some devices that are in 20 something flows, I’d better not loose connection to them :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had an Aqara sensor inaccessible that I use as a doorbell. Removed and reinstalled. There were 7 flow with an exclamation mark. Repairing the flow is not a lot of work, but it would be nice if somehow Homey can show what the broken flow was.
So you can see if something went on or off in that flow.

Automatic repair is not that easy. If you have a sensor added to some flows and you want to use it for something different and then remove it then the flows are broken.
But when you add it again then automatically everything is repaird while you don’t want that.
Because you want to assign an other sensor to that flow.

I believe there is indication on flow that it is broken. I don’t remember exactly, but I think that when that aqara remote switch unpaired, there was some indication (don’t rememberif it was in android app or on When something disconnects next time, I’ll take closer look at it and post here.

You could try the Card, A device did not report… (sorry only Dutch example)

That’s helpful, thank you.

Hello, did you try to repair ?

It’s a functionnality available in the developper tools: Homey Developer Tools

I never tried it …