MQTT Broker for Homey

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Mine is working this morning and I can see 10.3.2 is installed.

Earlier this morning I did a soft restart of Homey. But no response. Pull The Plug (on Homey) did work. Thanks for this simple and easy solution robertklep

Attention & Important:

After three days of trying to isolate the problem why my app aborts with the error “ECONNREFUSED” when connecting to the MQTT Broker without any code changes on my part.


I finally came to the conclusion that one of the most commonly used MQTT[.js] libraries (>v5.5) is no longer compatible with the Aedes library (v0.48.1) you are using.

Could you please upgrade this to the current (v50.1) version, so that not only my apps but also other apps will no longer have problems with version incompatibility in the future.

THX Chris