Moving to new home -> reset all fibaro light switches and dimmers or recalibrate?

I’m moving to another home and thinking about what to do with Homey and the connected Fibaro switches and dimmers.

There will be other lights connected to the switches and dimmers. What would be the best thing to do?

  • Keep the existing configuration and recalibrate the switches and dimmers when installed in the new house
  • Disconnect all fibaro switches from Homey and re-install them in the new house (after which they will also recalibrate)

What do you exactly mean with re-calibrate?

I mean setting the “force auto calibration” parameter in the device settings, so it will re-calibrate.

Ah. I don’t know how many you have, but it is likely that re-calibration is more easy then removing and re-adding. Especially because removing also resets ever change in settings you may have made and you have to recreate every flow you have at this moment.

I haven’t moved in a new house, but I did replace the light fittings in two rooms where I had Fibaro dimmers.
At first power on, the new lights were flickering. A simple recalibration and all was fixed in seconds.
Hope this helps.

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It will definitely cost him more time to start all over again, so i think it should be clear :wink:

Thanks guys, I’m going for the recalibration option to start with!