Morning flow weekend, problems

My IR heater started at 06.57 when i woke up, and phone was taken off the charger (starts the flow). However since it a weekend day, the heater should not have started, and i dunno why it did. Is there a fault in my flow?

You should post a screenshot of your flow, not a link to it (which is only accessible for you).

In addition to the time, there are two other conditions:
— Temp. is less than 2400
— Price level is not „very expensive“

Were these two conditions fulfilled?
I’m a little confused by the temperature value 2400. :thinking:

I am using a Mill Socket for the temperature, but it does not show themperature with digits, hence 2400 C instead of 24.00 C. But since its a weekend day AND not a holiday, it should not go down to the heater section of the flow.
Price levels checks agains Tibber, and the price that early was Expensive.

You’re right, of course. I need new glasses, sorry :nerd_face:
The IR heater should not have been turned on.

What happens if you start the flow manually?
Also check the device history of the Shelly to see what caused it to turn on.

I changed the time just to test the flow… i should have done it before this post i guess, as it clearly shows that the Holiday card triggers this, :flushed: and it makes sense. But the other way around would also be wrong, wouldnt it?

You have to use an ALL card.
It’s NOT a Weekend day AND it’s NOT Public Holiday, then turn on heater (if the other conditions are fulfilled).

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Thats it… Thank you so much for the help.

You’re welcome.