More functionality from Nest Smokedetectors

Hi, The Nest protect smoke detectors have build in motion detectors and night lamps.
It would be nice if these triggers can be used in the flows as well.
Now only the CO alarm, Battery alarm and Smoke alarm triggers can be used

e.g. motion is detected under smoke detector XYZ
This can trigger to switch the lamp on for instance.
(In my house I have Nest Smoke detectors in all the rooms)

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Also, NEST doesn’t give access to those values in their API.

The Nest API provides access to the following data on Nest Protect:

    Smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm status
    Battery health state
    Last manual test status and timestamp
    Online status and last connection information
    Structure name and device "where name" (location in the home)

You can read more about it here

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