Monitor my 'analog' fireplace

Hi, new here and not yet a homey-owner, but I’m interested in making my home smart in some areas, and although I’m not familiar at all with a possible Homey scripting language, I think I’ll manage to come up with a script, if the below is at all possible:

I have a wood-stove, entirely analog. No sensors, no apps, just a door and two manually operated airflow-valves.

Every now and then, after starting it, we just forget to add some wood, until it’s (almost) too late and the fire dies. Now I want to be able to set a small alarm on my phone to prevent that.

What if I stick a temperature sensor to my chimney.
Whenever I start a fire, the surface temp on the chimney will soon rise to, say, 80°C. At that point a script should be triggered. If temperature then falls below 50°C (because I forget to add fuel), my phone gives me a warning. I reset the alarm, add fuel and the process restarts.

Would this be possible?
Is there a ready-to-go solution already available?
Are there smarter solutions (I’m not going to buy another wood stove)?


That’s a good idea!

It would work the way you described it. What sensor will you use?

Sonoff makes good sensors. Hue indoor motion detectors are magneting and has a temperature sensor on it.

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Thanks for your reply. Just glad it can be done, this is another excuse for me to start with Homey. I have no idea yet what sensor to use, but ideally it would be a battery type.

It’s a quite simple thing to set up, if you find the right sensor. I’ll be happy to help you once you have all the hardware!

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That’s the same as what I’m doing with my waterpump for the fireplace.
I have attached it to my CV and pumping water to heat it up.

Just using a Sonoff TH16 with a DS18B20 temperatuur sensor

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Just saw that you want a batterij powerd sensor.
You can use a Xiaomi Aqara zigbee sensor but be carefull that you are not melting it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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