Monitor bandwidth usage network device


Trying to find a way to monitor traffice sending to or from a device.
The goal i’m trying is to turn on printer with powerplug (older but very good LJ4200) and then set timer for 20 minutes.
If in the meantime a job is printed, would like to reset the timer to 20 mins again.
After that, printer turns of at 20 mins.

Near the printer is a zwave button for turning on the printer.

Any ideas? Using a unify network, but that particular option is not there (measure bandwidth)


Monitoring network traffic of a printer might not yield the results you are expecting due to spooling and other things. You might have better chances by monitoring the printers power consumption. Maybe with a z-wave smartplug and reset your timer if the consumption exceeds a defined threshold.

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Sound like a good approach. Printing consumes more energy than idle.


Ok, already built. Working great.

1 Like Eco Mode on/off function enable (ok not really off but you can always print

True, but printer always does some ‘wake-up’ from time to time.
Nu being quiet for most of the time

Annddd… Alway fun to build flows. Wether they’re useful or not :slight_smile: