Moes wired Gateway for HomeKit and Moes dimmer switch

Hi, I have a question, and find a solutions to use this moes dimmer with the homekit gateway and lloks they are not compatible.

So I have replaced the old zigbee gateway with the new Moeas wired zigbee gateway.
All works fine with alexa and tuya / smartthink app.
Also with homekit of apple almost any device connected works a part this two dimmer with 1 or 2 gang, in this case from moes. The producer says they are not supported by the integration in home kit.
I have another zigbee dimmer connected and works with a strip led. In this case I would like a switch dimmer for lights to do the work.
Have anyone find a workout, or if not anyone knows if they are other dimmer devices that may work with this gateway and homekit?
Any help sill be appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi Enton and welcome!

I guess your question isn’t related to Homey (Homey, Homey Bridge, Homey Pro) by Athom, isn’t it?
Because this is the community forum for these devices.
Maybe someone can actually help you, but I recommend that you look for another forum if your question isn’t related to Homey.