Eria AduroSmart Dimmable Plug (Hue & Homey)

I bought a few Eric AduroSmart dimmable plugs (Zigbee).
It works with Hue or Homey. The challenge will be to get it work with Hue and Homey at the same time. :sweat_smile:

Would it be possible to add this plug to HomeyKit? In that case it will be available in Homey and HomeKit as well. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Your question isn’t really clear and you are probably asking multiple questions in one go.

Zigbee products can be linked to one main controller only. So either the Hue bridge or Homey can be main controller, but not both.

What you can do is make Hue the main Zigbee controller and have Homey link to the hue bridge, so both can access the light while Hue remains the main cotroller.

It should equally be possible to link Homey to Homeykit, so IOS Homekit can control the lights as well. That is, if you have Homey pro, because Homey (cloud) does not support Homeykit AFAIK.

Homey does also have built in IOS Homekit support, so Homeykit may not be needed. I cannot tell if built in also works on Homey (Cloud). I think Athom claimed it does, but I cannot verify it as I own a pro only.

I don’t think it will, HomeKit uses local networking which isn’t something the Bridge supports.

But then again: recent Hue controllers can work with Homekit, so It may not be needed to have Homey connect to Homekit as well.

OK, maybe I have to formulate my question in an other way. :sweat_smile:

Would it be possible that the Homey Hue app supports more products which are linked to the Hue bridge?

If your plug can be paired with the Hue bridge, it should, in theory, be controllable by Homey cloud.
BUT, not now. It seems only Philips hue plugs are supported atm.:


I can’t find any Homey app for ‘Eric’ or ‘Aduro’…?

Yes you are right. That’s my point. :sweat_smile:

Well, I am Kermit the frog then. You state there’s a Homey app for it.
The app store sais not.
So what’s your point.

I agree what you have said: “If the plug can be paired with the Hue bridge, it should in theory be controllable by Homey.”
This is what I was thinking as well. When adding this new plug to the Hue bridge I was not expecting that I would not be able to add it as a device to Homey via the Homey Hue app.
It looks like that only Philips Hue branded devices can be added via het Homey Hue app.