Missing capability listener: on/off/dim

Homey Pro
3308431 - Luna Lamp

I get an error message when trying to control the luna lamp through the homey app. It says that the device is connected but get an error of: «missing capability listener: on/off»

Any clue?

Try maintenance on it - if it doesn’t help, it’s issue in the driver (developer has to fix it)

Hello MorTone, welcome,

I found out it’s a device of Namron app.
As there’s no forum topic for Namron, you’d best contact the developer.
Support links are to be found at the homey.app store app page.

You can also try to restart the app, maybe it will help.

Same problem here :blush: Any luck with this topic?

BTH, welcome.

You can check it yourself with the statusses of the open Issues at Github.
See my previous post :wink:

While I checked for myself, there’s no response yet on a similar issue posted 10 days ago: